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How does 5g affect business?!

By the end of 2019, the four biggest U.S. cellular carriers rolled out 5G across the country. With the rollout of this unique high-speed network comes a number of news articles, commercials, and promotional content explaining how 5G will dramatically change the world. But you might still be asking yourself, "What is 5G and how will it impact my business?" 5G offers more than just greater speed. And as Samsung’s corporate vice president, Conor Pierce says: “With 5G, everything’s changed, and as such, this next-generation network will not just be beneficial in one single market or industry – the global impact will be exponential.” But at first, let’s ask the question “what is 5G?” It is a cloud-based network that connects people on mobile devices to the internet faster than earlier ones. While 4G requires cables and infrastructure to run smoothly in a neighborhood, 5G's cellular towers amplify cloud-based signals which reduce many cable-related needs. Whereas previous cellular technologies were focused on the mobile phone, 5G’s low latency and high capacity make it perfect for connecting all types of devices. With better loading speeds and greater connectivity, people will likely use even more online content on their computers, phones, and other devices. So if you are a small business and still are not using online marketing, it will be definitely vital to start developing an online presence as people spend more and more time using the internet and less time consuming traditional content, like TV and newspapers. With  5G we will see digital ads on more screens, surfaces, and alternative realities. “There will be virtual reality events where you get to immerse yourself in 360-degree entertainment at your fingertips and for those who love attending concerts and live events, but cannot do so now because of Covid-19, virtual reality is the next best thing to transport you to the heart of the show. You can choose your best seats and experience the show from multiple angles and even get up-close and personal with your favorite artists on stage,” explains Gan, who is the managing director of consumer sales and mobile marketing, consumer for Singapore at Singtel, during The Drum's Digital Summit.  In addition, Marketing processes, like data collection, will be improved. Along with being able to collect data faster, 5G will enable marketers and cellular providers to get more data than they could with Wi-Fi or elder generations of cellular networks. Except for marketing 5G will impact some big industries like healthcare. Remote surgery will go to another level.  However, 5G’s low latency means it can now be carried out via robotic surgeons for the first time. Also, it will have a big impact on Manufacturing. Rolling out 5G is key to the “fourth industrial revolution”. For example, 5G-enabled drones could work collaboratively to check, a building, while junior engineers wearing 5G VR headsets could get virtual guidance from senior staff members across the world. In addition, 5G sensors can be used by authorities to optimize traffic flow within a smart city. So let’s finish this article about 5G revolution with the chief executive in Olive Communications Martin Flick, chief executive, Olive Communications “Once you’ve understood what 5G can offer, you need to imagine the art of the possible – building use cases to revolutionize the way people work and operate.”